Thursday, October 30, 2014

14-3447 Docketed

Defendant/Appellee Counselors,

I have completed the Brief “renewing” the IFP motion at the Eighth Circuit I will now seek to file. See it as PDF* or as HTML*. The complaint ignored as "moot" previously will be attached. See it as PDF*or as HTML*. Portions of p8* of the complaint are included below.

I do not particularly care how this case ends now because I am getting older and want to begin enjoying my family more in light of my disabilities.

I will seek to appeal “I.F.P.” and seek summary judgment by law at the same time.

The Corts of the United States are not capable of justice compared to European Courts. This has been true for centuries but is becoming PAINFULLY obvious today after the C-131/12* personal data control ruling. A portion of this "right to be forgotten" ruling is in p5* of the Supt Brief.

I do not believe Magistrate Honorable Erin L Setser should be a judge having never ever been a private attorney. I do not accept the ruling of ANY judge over (68-70) as fair or reasonably considered including most of the aging SCOTUS oligarchy. I would leave the U.S. for Europe if I were a young man in search of a nation with fair rule of law and democracy.

GOOG crimes:

01.*B<>>G*, A.C.A. 5-41-103
B<<>>G*, A.C.A. 5-41-103
B<>>G*, A.C.A. 5-41-103
B<>>G*, 18 U.S.C. §2511*
B<>>G*, A.C.A. 5-41-103
13.*>>G*, A.C.A. 5-41-103*
B<>>G*, A.C.A. 5-41-103*
B<>>G*, A.C.A. 5-41-103*
These next two accesses are NOT criminal in the U.S. but have both “Curtis Neeley” and naked images which violate the personal data control ruling of C-131/12* in Europe.
44.*B<>>G*, NOT criminal but distressful.
B<>>G* NOT criminal.
MSFT crimes:
02.*B<<>>G*, A.C.A. 5-41-103*
07.*B<<>G*, A.C.A. 5-41-103*, 18 U.S.C. §2511*
10.*B<<>G*, A.C.A. 5-41-103*
B<<>G*, A.C.A. 5-41-103*

*B - Bing image searches.
G* - Google Inc image searches.
*B< or >G* - Indicate safe searches
*B<< or >>G* - Indicate searches are AR Computer Fraud felonies per Ark. Code Ann. 5-41-103* or are Communications Privacy felonies per 18 U.S.C. §2511*

* - Links open in new windows

Curtis J. Neeley Jr.
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